How brands like, Carter's, Lamps Plus and PacSun are winning customer loyalty

See how customer expectations and behavior have changed the market, and what executives are using to evolve, boost customer engagement and cement loyalty today.


angela-lamps-plus“When customers place an order, they expect real-time updates and answers via new communication methods including Facebook Messenger, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant."
- Angela Hsu, Senior Vice President Marketing and eCommerce, Lamps Plus


In this whitepaper, you will get a look into:

  • Consumer behavior changes and the impact on customer engagement strategy
  • The core challenges to giving customers what they want
  • The differences between conventional engagement tactics vs new experiences
  • How to tackle strategic challenges, to win customers and grow
The Ecommerce Evolution of Customer Care Automation

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The Rules of Customer Engagement Have Changed.

Competition is heating up, however. Customer expectations are changing. Its tough not to fall behind. What worked perfectly a few years ago no longer captures the customer's engagement or gives them the experience they are looking for.

changes in customer behavior


To turn the tide in their favor, leading brands like Greats, Tarte Cosmetics, and eBags are turning to a new way to create the loyalty they need to thrive: delivering personal, contextual, real-time experiences to customers at scale, in order to boost engagement and lifetime value, and preserve margin.


Taking lessons from how brands are approaching these modern challenges today, this whitepaper looks specifically at the evolution to this new approach, and highlights the specific differences in both customer experience, and business results. 


anna-techstyle“We invested in an automated assistant that uses new communication channels with a commitment to serve our members on the channel they prefer, whenever they need us."
- Anna Pettus, Vice President Strategic Operations, GMS, TechStyle Fashion Group


Get more information and actionable insights on:

  • How consumer behavior and preferences have changed in the last 3 years

  • What a best-in-class conventional approach looks like

  • The challenges with current approaches to giving customers what they want

  • The specific differences between conventional customer experiences, and those offered by these leading brands

  • How new strategic challenges can be tackled, and won

  • The opportunity to feed rich customer data into existing programs

  • Why executives are taking action and not waiting for more signs change is needed

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